Cecilia Ciscar

Born 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden

Member of the Swedish Artist Association(http://www.konstnarsforbundet.se/index.php/c/cecilia-ciscar) and Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden

Lines, colors, how they meet and how they affect each other, is very fascinating. Not to mention the faces and shapes. It is wonderful to let your imagination decide and take over in some paintings; you have go with the flow, without pulling back too hard. One must dare to let go of the control at times and let the painting take one where it is intended to go. I have been painting all my Life.
I am also on Facebook, Instagram, Papermine. Artnetco, Liljevalchs vänner, Svenska konstnärsförbundet/Swedish Art Association etc:
Instagram # art_by_Cecilia_Ciscar 

My paintings are also show on Liljevalchs vänners homepage (after an event at "Konstens väggar" in Råckstra/Vällingby where they where invited):

I am taking part in this intercultural/international project: http://www.un-send.com/artists.html

Med i konstrunda: Konst-och-Kulturrundan i Kolbäcksdalen 2016

Utbildning: Konstskolan i Stockholm med flera

Medlem i konstnärsförening: BUS och Svenska Konstnärsförbundet

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